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30 December 2009


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I had no idea we were both fixing up our first houses! Sounds like I'm about 6 months ahead of you. Hope you're enjoying the craziness. :) It's looking so cute!

jenna (smallbirdjenna)


Jenna, I've been following your blog. Your home is definitely a lot further along than mine. It looks beautiful!

My home purchase all happened very suddenly. I was thinking about buying a condo or house for months. Then I got in touch with a mortgage broker and a realtor in early October and found a home very quickly. We had a quick closing because we weren't sure if the credit would be extended and now I own a home! It's a crazy process, but I'm loving having my own place. I am just solemnly swearing to never again buy one at this time of year. It doesn't leave enough time to properly unpack, let alone fix things up. At least I have the winter where you just want to be trapped inside anyway.

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